Episode 10 with Craig Andera: Training, remote work, Clojure for newcomers, and tooling

Craig AnderaCraig Andera (@craigandera) has been using and speaking about Clojure for years, especially notably of late as the tireless host of the long-running Relevance podcast, where he has interviewed a wide array of personalities (both inside and outside of Relevance, where he is a full-time Clojure developer) that impact and influence Clojure and the space around it.

This episode of Mostly Lazy is quite different from prior episodes in that it is effectively Part II of a longer conversation that started in Episode #31 of the Relevance podcast, where Craig interviewed Chas about Clojure Programming, the state of Clojure broadly writ, 100% time, and other things.  If you haven’t listened to that yet, you should go do so now, before listening to this!


(Recorded on April 19th, 2013.)


Or, download the mp3 directly.

Discrete Topics

Many questions and topics came from tweets to @MostlyLazy (watch for scheduled show announcements and send us topics and questions!)

  • Craig interviewing Chas on the Relevance Podcast #31
  • Fogus should “guest” host on Mostly Lazy!
  • DevelopMentor
  • The grind of technical training
  • Craig’s history consulting for Microsoft on MSDN (among other things)
  • Contrasting the Microsoft and open source mindsets/populations…mac_vs_pc
  • “Everyone likes to build products for people like themselves…”
  • Using Cygwin and Virtualbox to form a workable development environment on Windows
  • VimScript (of all things)
  • “The Rich Hickey Dream”: Clojure + ClojureScript + Datomic
  • Pedestal, Relevance‘s “open source tool set for building web applications in Clojure”
  • Product businesses vs. consulting
  • Ben Vandgrift’s appearance on the Relevance podcast
  • “The Clojure community is not welcoming to newcomers.” (paraphrasing)
  • “Why Clojure sucks, and why you’ll love it anyway” (Chas’ talk @ ClojureWest 2012)
  • ANN: Mostly Lazy to be renamed to Mostly Navel Gazing
  • Craig’s remote working setup & the experience of pairing
  • The value/process of user interface / user experience design, storyboarding, etc
  • Vim vs. Emacs (yes, seriously :-P)
  • “Alternative” Clojure tools:
  • The role and state of podcasting as a medium