Episode 0.0.1: Sean Corfield, Clojure Contrib, and “real world Clojure”

In our first episode, a conversation between Chas Emerick and Sean Corfield (@seancorfield), recorded November 7th, 2011.


Or, download the mp3 directly.

Topics included:

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, feel free to leave them below.  And, if you’d like to get your comments or questions out onto the podcast, feel free to send audio clips to the email address you see to the right — I can’t guarantee your clip will get used, but let’s see how it goes. 🙂

BTW, thank you very much for all of the feedback in the comments here and elsewhere.  All of the ideas are very appreciated, and many of them will hopefully be incorporated in future episodes as things progress and I get my podcasting legs.

10 Comments on “Episode 0.0.1: Sean Corfield, Clojure Contrib, and “real world Clojure””

  1. […] some of you may know already, I’ve started a Clojure podcast called Mostly λazy.  The first episode is in the can and has been published.  There are RSS feeds for your readers and podcatchers there […]

  2. Great maiden voyage episode, you guys covered a lot of ground in thirty minutes. @cemerick, I only care to point out (as you are probably already aware) that you sound very distant from the mic except for the intro and conclusion.

    • Chas Emerick says:

      Yeah, I know. :-/ I have a very good mic (Blue snowball), but the pickup had a distinctly different level than Sean had through Skype (even though I ran the resulting AIFF through Levelator — which did improve things significantly).

      I think I need to either get a headset, or a proper boom for the microphone so that I can always be on par with my counterparts.

  3. Chas, thanks very much for putting this together; I’ve seen your name and Sean’s name all over the place and you’re right, it really humanizes things to be able to put a voice to the name. I’m looking forward to going through the links and to the next podcast. Well done. The technical stuff will fall into place over time; it’s the initiative that is so important. Throw up a donation button and I’ll chip in for a new mic!


    • Chas Emerick says:

      Great, I’m glad it’s having the intended effect. 🙂

      Re: donations, that’s a kind thought. I’ll have to ponder it (perhaps looking at my bandwidth bill will motivate me sufficiently!).

  4. Steve Lew says:

    Really interesting.

  5. David Andrews says:

    I’m at the office today, taking up space and oxygen and trying my best not to break anything before I leave for Conj tonight. So your 0.0.1 podcast was a perfect use of a half hour. Nice job, and put me in mind of the great time I expect to have this week.

  6. Well done Chas! Very interesting first episode. Now you need someone to create an opening theme … with Overtone of course.

  7. Octopusgrabbus says:

    I enjoyed this. It was very well produced.

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